Golden Walk 

We protect Californians' lives through our Non-Slip solutions and professional assistance by preventing accidents and injuries.


GoldenWalk Concrete Impermeable System

Protecting Communities & Business Organizations

Our Premium Concrete Sealer with Salt Defense Technology penetrates into the surface of the concrete, chemically reacting to create a gel that fills the open pores of the concrete which hardens the surface of the concrete, and protects the concrete from salt damage, preventing oil spots and easy to clean to maintain the areas.

In addition, our Premium Concrete Sealer is the preferred siliconate sealer used by architects and building professionals for sealing driveways and other commercial or industrial concrete surface.


A Few Comments From Our Customers

Just a quick note to tell you your GoldenWalk Non-Slip is still working great. Our floors are as safe as they were when the product was first applied.”

Restaurant Chain

Our bathtubs always had bathmats until we were introduced to GoldenWalk Non-Slip. Now all our bathtubs are treated with your remarkable product.”

Hotel Chain

“As I told you, we had the tile down for three days before we had our first slip and fall accident...we have not had a slip and fall accident since you applied the GoldenWalk.”

Condominium Complex

Protecting lives thru our Non-Slip solutions and professional assistance preventing accidents and injuries

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Golden Walk

Professional Safety Solutions and Services for Commercial and Residential
A walkway surface treated with GoldenWalk Non-Slip Solutions is actually safer in a wet condition than a dry untreated surface.

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