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We protect Californians' lives through our Professional Safety Solutions and assistance by preventing accidents and injuries.


Golden Walk Professional Floor Safety Audits and Inspections

Protecting Communities & Business Organizations

We can determine if your floors and walkways meet OSHA and A.D.A Standards for safe walkway surfaces. We test and measure the Static/Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (COF) of your floors and other desired surfaces to provide you data about safety levels related to your walkway surfaces and current maintenance regimen.

The BOT-3000E complies with ANSI/TCNA A137.1 for both Static and Dynamic Coefficient of Friction measurements including ANSI A326.3 for legal investigations. The BOT-3000E provides a printed record of test parameters and results. 



Golden Walk analytical data adheres to the Daubert Principle, which means it holds up in a court of law and strengthens courtroom credibility.


A Few Comments From Our Customers

Just a quick note to tell you your GoldenWalk Non-Slip is still working great. Our floors are as safe as they were when the product was first applied.”

Restaurant Chain

Our bathtubs always had bathmats until we were introduced to GoldenWalk Non-Slip. Now all our bathtubs are treated with your remarkable product.”

Hotel Chain

“As I told you, we had the tile down for three days before we had our first slip and fall accident...we have not had a slip and fall accident since you applied the GoldenWalk.”

Condominium Complex

We are here to help, support, and protect our communities in the fight against Human Coronavirus, other Viruses and Microorganisms

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“Hard surface flooring materials expected to be walked upon when wet, shall have a Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) of 0.42 or greater.
Source: ANSI A326.3 standard

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