Slip and Falls are #1 cause of accidental injuries in hotels, restaurants, fitness centers, and public buildings.

GoldenWalk Non-Slip Professional Solutions and Services guaranteed to have an increased coefficient of friction.

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GoldenWalk Non-Slip Floor Treatment

Our Non-Slip floor treatment is a long lasting chemical treatment which creates an invisible, sophisticated tread design into the surface of hard mineral floors which increases the coefficient of friction between 200 % and 400% when surfaces are wet.

Developed and Proven for:

    • Concrete
    • Spanish Tile
    • Glazed Brick
    • Terrazo
    • Quarry Title
    • Ceramic Title
    • Marble
    • Porcelain / Enamel
    • Other hard mineral surfaces

GoldenWalk Non-Slip Bathtub Non-Slip Solutions

We have two different services on Bathtub applications depending on the material.

    • Non-Slip Treatment (Porcelain/Enamel): This is a unique chemical treatment (not film or coating) which increase the coefficient of friction between 200% to 400% creating an invisible tread design into the base of the bathtub, does not alter or discolor the appearance of the bathtub.
    • Non-Slip Coating (Fiberglass): Our non-slip coating solution product is an acrylic resin blend using a recycled plastic particle for non-slip properties also pigments contain no lead that air dries rapidly, this product has been used very successfully in Hotel / Residential bath tubs also helps to restore your bathtub in case need it because is available in different colors (clear, polar white and almond).

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GoldenWalk Industrial / Maritime Non-Slip Coating Solutions

Our Non-Slip coating product is an acrylic resin blend using a recycled plastic particle for non-slip properties also pigments contain no lead that air dries rapidly and retains translucency, durability, flexibility and non yellowing characteristics; available in different colors and adheres to fiberglass, porcelain, wood, steel, concrete including most other surfaces.

GoldenWalk SlipMeter Test

We use a certified device to measure the C.O.F (coefficient of friction) of the surfaces; this legal measurement is to evaluate how slippery the surfaces are when dry or wet. Our professional test of the coefficient of friction level of your floors and walkways will provide valuable data about safety levels and ongoing maintenance, tracking these readings in our service reports are very important in defense of negligence litigation.

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Bathtub Repairs / Refinishing / Reglazing

We offer cost-effective and comprehensive bathroom restoration services for hotels bathtub refinishing including to help business owners and corporations increase the coefficient of frictions of the bathtub surfaces and have due diligence against possible accidents when wet.

Our equipment and infrastructure, together with the experience and skills of our personnel, guarantee the best possible level of efficiency, quality and professionalism for any given project, with the added value of minimum downtime to customers.

GoldenWalk Professional Inspections

We can measure the Dynamic Coefficient of Friction ( DCOF ) and the Static Coefficient of Friction ( SCOF ) using our new BOT-3000E Instrument to verify if your business is in compliance with the ANSI A326.3 standard and can be utilized for legal inspections at courts during investigations.

This instrument is referred by ANSI (American National Standards Institute) as the most reliable floor DCOF and SCOF tester.

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